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David Goodger; open to all Docutils developers


Bugs in Docutils?!? Yes, we do have a few. Some are old-timers that tend to stay in the shadows and don't bother anybody. Once in a while new bugs are born. From time to time some bugs (new and old) crawl out into the light and must be dealt with. Icky.

This document describes how to report a bug, and lists known bugs.

How To Report A Bug

If you think you've discovered a bug, please read through these guidelines before reporting it.

First, make sure it's a new bug:

If you're not sure, please ask on the Docutils-users mailing list first.

If it's a new bug, the most important thing you can do is to write a simple description and a recipe that reproduces the bug. Try to create a minimal example that demonstrates the bug. The easier you make it to understand and track down the bug, the more likely a fix will be.

Now you're ready to write the bug report. Please include:

The best place to send your bug report is to the SourceForge Bug Tracker. That way, it won't be misplaced or forgotten. In fact, an open bug report on SourceForge is a constant irritant that begs to be squashed.

Thank you!

(This section was inspired by the Subversion project's BUGS file.)

Known Bugs

Also see the SourceForge Bug Tracker.